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    Buying Motorcycle Trailers

    7 Questions to ask BEFORE you buy a Motorcycle Trailer

    1-QUESTION: Is the trailer built in the USA, Where do the parts come from?

    1-ANSWER: Yes! All trailers are built in Cushing, Oklahoma, USA and All components are sourced by USA based companies.

    2-QUESTION: Do the Trailers come with a Warranty? If so how long? 

    2-ANSWER: Yes, 5 years

    3-QUESTION: Will they stand behind their product with good customer service?

    3-ANSWER: When you call RCO Fabrication dba Mini Trailer USA -, you speak directly to one of the owners not someone behind a desk in the warranty department.

    4-QUESTION: What is the quality of the trailer?

    4-ANSWER: The Best American Built Cargo Trailer on the market, compare our Trailer to any other Trailer on the market first hand and you will see the Pride, Craftsmanship and High Quality of Our Trailers.

    5-QUESTION: Will I actually be able to talk to someone after the sale?

    5-ANSWER: Yes you will and it will be one of the owners quickly and easily. We will be here for anything that may come up or even if you just want to tell us how much you love your Mini Trailer.

    6-QUESTION: Are other customers satisfied with their purchase.

    6-ANSWER: Yes they are, check out our customer reviews on our Testimonial Pages and Our Facebook Pages to see their comments.

    7-QUESTION: Is the trailer built by fellow bikers that understand and can relate to your needs for a trailer?

    7-ANSWER: Yes, RCO Fabrication dba Mini Trailer USA - is a biker based business and owned by fellow bikers that actually use the products they sell and understand what makes a Great Trailer.

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